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Be Recognized As Famous Entrepreneur Who Uses The Player With Muted Autoplay Function Like Best Marketers In The World which will enable you to increase conversions and sales (+Never pay for video hosting again.)

"This is awesome software!"

I didn’t know software like this exsist. Last two years i’m paying CF Pro Tools just because mutedautoplay, now i have all this inside VidFlows. This is awesome software!

Brand Your Player

Add Call To Actions

Password Protect

Like Over 400+ VidFlows Users
Now! It’s your time to say goodbye to ugly and costly video players..

Like Over 400+ VidFlows Users

Now! It’s your time to say goodbye to ugly and costly video players..

Swap to VidFlows and create an unlimited number of videos that you can embed on unlimited pages and domains, optionally add CTAs or Passwords to videos, add professional muted autoplay like many use within ClickFunnels, or easily customize the entire player to your brand and the way you want it to look. All this without paying monthly subscriptions to CF Pro Tools, Vimeo or Wistia! Look some examples below:

Premium Looking Videos, FREE Forever, No Monthly Payments like Vimeo, Wistia

We decided to solve this problem for Millions of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who wanted professional players like Vimeo, Wistia And Clickfunnels Muted Autoplay Design but didn’t want to pay hefty monthly bills.


Introducing VidFlows Software

The easiest way for you to…

Display calls to action in your videos​

With Call-To-Action being right on the video itself, even the customers on the fence end-up buying or taking the action you expect them to take.

Protect your valuable videos with password

Secure your premium video content using a smart password gate. Only visitors with a secret password can access and watch your video.

ClickFunnels Muted Autoplay Design

Be Recognized As Famous Entrepreneur Who Uses The Player Muted Autoplay Function Like Best Marketers In The World which will enable you to increase conversions

Customize Player And Muted Autoplay Icons

VidFlows is known for providing the ability to edit and customize muted autoplay. Add icons, change the play buttons, change colors, etc.

Lazy Loading JS Inside Every Player Code

A FAST LAZY LOADER option has been added inside the code, during loading your page where you have embedded a video, the page will load 5x to 10x faster.


Don’t Look Cheap – Use VidFlows: Capture visitors attention and make your videos irresistible

You have full customizable control: Change colors, change icons in the upper left corner, images in the middle, etc.”

Trusted By 400+

Happy Customers Wordwide!


Definitely the best player for the courses!

I didn't even know something like this existed! I used Vimeo because I only knew about it, the free plan was not enough for me, so I decided to upgrade. After that I came across VidFlows, definitely a big change, I reduced my monthly costs, I have many more functions. Definitely a great thing for us course creators. On ThriveCart, each lesson is arranged through the VidFlows player.

Modern muted autoplay feature won me!!

Every landing page has a VidFlows player, I used Clickfunnels for a while and had to pay for CF Pro Tools to have the muted autoplay option, however it slowed down my site a lot. After I started working in other funnel editors, VidFlows came as ordered. I have everything in one place regarding marketing videos. VidFlows Is Realy Simple one page software, I edit and embed a videos in 15 seconds.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using VidFlows

1.If you have your own courses: It just doesn't make sense to pay Vimeo or Wistia monthly when you have VidFlows. Simply put, VidFlows is designed for course creators to provide their users with an outstanding video experience while also saving $1000+ on video hosting! It makes no difference when people watch VidFlows player or Vimeo. The difference is in the price!

2.If you are a marketer and need a muted autoplay video for your funnels: I used CF Pro Tools only because of muted autoplay, it proved to be a move that increased conversions 10x, and then more and more people gave up because of monthly subscriptions or want inside ThriveCart, SamCart, System.io, WordPress, etc.. have such a muted autoplay. VidFlows has solved that problem for marketers. Likewise, Google Chrome and Mozilla block autoplay in most players. VidFlows hacked it, and solved that problem!

3.If you don't want software with too many functions that is complicated: VidFlows is a one page software, and it is designed to be simple, to have basic functions, and to be fast and modern. You will quickly become friend with VidFlows!

4.If you want to pay once and that later no one bothers you about hosting space, limits and monthly hosting subscriptions: This is something that can break us marketers and course creators! You have used up the limited space, please upgrade for only €50/m. You can forget about that if you use VidFlows. Simply add videos to YouTube, grab the link and paste it inside VidFlows. That's it! Free unlimited hosting!

5. If you use ThriveCart, ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, System.io, WordPress site or any other editor: It doesn't matter what you will use the video for within these softwares, simply VidFlows will fill all the needs.

Grab a limited LIFETIME license to VidFlows today, and never pay ongoing fees again!

A Quick Recap Of Everything You Get When You Buy VidFlows Today

Lifetime Account

Get lifetime access to Interactr, with no recurring fees to pay, ever.

Unlimited Projects

Create unlimited video projects with no limitations on number of videos created.

Unlimited Embeds

Embed unlimited video projects with no limitations on domains and number of videos you can embed.

Unlimited Hosting

Host videos on youtube or other free platform and just copy-paste url to our player and that's it!

Exclusive Discount

Pick up VidFlows today and you will pay no recurring fee's. Ever!

Play On Any Device

Our videos play on all browsers and all devices - including tablets and mobile phones.

💸 Back Guarantee

Try out VidFlows risk free for 30 days and if you don't like it you will get a full and prompt refund.

Image Languages

We have added muted autoplay icons in more languages: English, French, Croatia..

$297 one time payment

No Monthly Fees – One Time Payment

Today $297 one time payment

Normal Price: $499/Yearly

Wistia: $250/year

Vimeo: $400/year

Youtube: FREE With Ads

Vimeo: $37/month

Get VIDFLOWS For Just A One-Time Payment!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

So why pay more for less? Choose VidFlows and get all the features you need at a price you can afford. Try us out today with 30 Days Money Back  Guarantee and see the difference for yourself! VIDFLOWS At Its Lowest One Time Price Account Forever May Expire Once You Leave This Page.


We have the answers!

With VIDFLOWS, you’ll never have to pay for video hosting fees again. Plus, you can create unlimited video players and embed videos on unlimited websites.

We know how frustrating it can be to pay hefty monthly fees for professional video players like Vimeo, Wistia, and Clickfunnels. That’s why we’ve created the Lighting Fast Video Player – a cost-effective alternative that offers all the best features of these platforms, and more. With our player, you can boost video engagement and get 300% more watch time, all without breaking the bank.

Yes. VIDFLOWS is 100% cloud-based and works on any device with an internet connection. You can access this sophisticated technology using any operating software.

VIDFLOWS is currently available for the LOWEST one-time cost ($297 for LIFETIME Account). However, this offer will not last for too long. After which, we will be charging a monthly fee.

No, VIDFLOWS is not a video hosting app. However, You can add the URL of your existing videos from Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, Amazon or any other site. VIDFLOWS app will  play video at your website and give you all the best features like CTAs on top of the video, professional, beautiful looking video player and help you in creating video courses, privacy and much more, which you will not get by directly embedding youtube videos and if you buy wistia, vimeo to avail these features, you will have to spend 1000s of dollars every year, which you can take in just a $297 LIFETIME Account of VIDFLOWS.

Instead of paying 1000s of dollars every year to Wistia or Vimeo, You can get all those features of these video marketing solutions plus more features at a nominal rate of just $297 for a LIFETIME Account.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with VidFlows for any reason, Simply email us for a full, no question-asked refund!

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